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Sorry things are messy.  We are moving and Tripod is setting up their new Webon Site Manager Tools.  And so things are not looking the way they are suppose to.  I have provided old links to the pages that have not moved yet.


Formally Gluten Free Kids R.O.C.K. 

Now "Gluten Free Kids"


New Blog

I am not always able to update this website like I would like too.  I found it easier to post things on my blog.  You can find me at

to read all of the posting that I have been adding lately.



Fixing Those Cravings

After going gluten free, our family has creatively found ways to fix our cravings for foods we sometimes miss. We also limit our dairy and are mostly Casein Free also. Hear are some examples of ways we fix those cravings.

Onion Rings and Onion Flower - (The food that was hardest for me to say goodbye)  See The recipe on this page for Onion Flower.

"Eggy Sandwich" (basically breakfast sandwich) - gluten free bread lightly toasted with butter or mayo, fried egg, bacon or ham, and sometimes cheese. We usually eat these open faced.

Pizza - Quick fix methods. For crust use Kinnikinnick Pizza Crust, Rice Cracker, or Corn Tortilla baked until crisp. Top anyway you like it. Sometimes we will use BQ sauce, or pesto sauce.

Corn Dogs - Wrap a cooked hot dog in a corn tortilla. Microwave for 30 seconds.

Mac and Cheese - Annie’s has Gluten Free and Gluten Free/Cuisine Free. Another brand is Road’s End Organics.

Dinner Rolls - Kinnikinnick has some nice English Muffins that I split in half and toast. We use them for dinner rolls.

Donuts - Kinnikinnick has several different donuts you keep in your freezer. 

Malt O Meal - The Red Mill Mighty Tasty GF Hot Cereal.

French Toast - We make them with Trader Joes Rice Bread. I microwave the bread for about 30 seconds to soften it and then soak the bread in the egg. The longer you soak in egg, the better they taste.

Spaghetti - We make with Rice Noodles

Yogurt - Mountain High? From Safeway. This brand is Gluten Free. This has been a troubled area for us; I suspect fillers, rennet or something that is affecting another food allergy. But this brand has worked well for us.

Quasadias - Use Corn Tortillas or Rice Tortillas. I will use refried beans instead of cheese, but sometimes I will make them with the cheese then the craving is strong.

Rice Crispy Treats - EnviroKids makes a gluten free Rice Crispy.

Cinnamon Rolls - Kinnikinnick has some you keep in the freezer.