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Sorry things are messy.  We are moving and Tripod is setting up their new Webon Site Manager Tools.  And so things are not looking the way they are suppose to.  I have provided old links to the pages that have not moved yet.


Formally Gluten Free Kids R.O.C.K. 

Now "Gluten Free Kids"



Great resources about dining out or traveling with the kids.

Careful, not all sites are monitored for accuracy.  Read labels and keep in mind that there may be other food allergies or conditions that require avoiding foods.  Just because a food item is safe for one individual doesn't make it safe for another.

Celiac Restraunt Card   


Gluten-free restaurant cards - 38 languages available    


Kinnikinnick Restaurant Card - Business card size front and back printing    


GIG - Restaurant Dining, 7 tips for staying gluten free    


GIG - Tips on travel in the United States    



Local Dining and Shopping in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.   This list is my own personal list from my families experience.  Please talk to your waiter about your diet requirements. 



Lok Yauns

PF Changs

Outback Steak House

Baja Fresh

Dairy Queen

Carls Jr

BJ's Grill Don't have a gluten free menu, but are careful with allergies.  They allow creativity.


Sweet Life Patisserie at 755 Monroe Street in Eugene

Chili's They do have a GF menu, but am unsure about cross contamination issues.


Red Robin

Helpful Dining links



Misako Japanese Restaurant - 5 East 8th Ave, Eugene New ownership, No GF sauce, all menu items contain gluten except sushi.  Some sushi rolls contain gluten.  With me, they stilll delivered gluten in my order even after several trips to chef to ask questions.

Taco BellAs stated from their website under Our Food, Food Facts and then select question 5 "Many of our recipes include wheat and are not suitable for gluten-restricted diets. For product-specific information about gluten and other allergens, please visit our Allergen Chart. Or, refer to our detailed Ingredient Statements."

Taco TimeAt one time they were unable to comment on a gluten free list.  The reason why I have it on the unsafe list is because they don't have a dedicated frier.  But if you go to this link, you will find a gluten free list.  Make sure you talk to staff and ask questions to ensure your safety.


McDonaldsIn my opinion, this is a company you can't trust to provide gluten free foods.  An example is with their french fries.  First they were not safe, then they announce to the Celiac community that their fries were gluten free.  Later, they quietly added that their fries contain wheat and milk when the label laws changed.  For more information, read this article.

Jack In the BoxThey do have information online, but I found it difficult to plan a meal myself.  In the past (before gluten free) they had a hard time answering questions about ingredients.  Most likely, because they were too busy making the food fast.

Applebee's When I called to inquire about their menu, I started telling them I was on a gluten free diet and they cut me short with these words, "If you have food allergies, I don't recommend you eating here."

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Panda Kitchen



Albertsons Some stores are adding GF products.  You may have to request with your store manager to add GF products.  The following are stores that I know carry GF products.  Royal Street, Eugene 18th Street, Eugene Main Street (Thurston area), Springfield  

Capella Market - Eugene They have a labeling system so customers can easily shop for items that are gluten free.  The kids love this system and I learn something new every time.  (Please continue to read labels, because manufactures change ingredients without notice)  They have a gluten free list on line you can download at the link below.  

Market of Choice StoresCarry a lot of Gluten Free products, natural and conventional foods. 

Walmart Doesn't carry specialty gluten free products.  They do mark GF on the back of the product on their store brands when it is naturally gluten free.

Fred Meyers They have a nutritional department that carry gluten free products.  Eugene stores have a larger gluten free section with more variety then the Springfield store. 

Safeway Now is starting to carry some products labeled gluten free. It is a start.