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Sorry things are messy.  We are moving and Tripod is setting up their new Webon Site Manager Tools.  And so things are not looking the way they are suppose to.  I have provided old links to the pages that have not moved yet.


Formally Gluten Free Kids R.O.C.K. 

Now "Gluten Free Kids"


Gluten Free Holiday Event   

We started the Holiday Season with our Holiday Event right before Thanksgiving.  It was a nice to prepare us with ideas and suggestions before the season got normally stressful.   We brought dishes to share, exchanged recipes, shared stories and met new faces.  The kids played hard, decorated gingerbread cookies,  and had a great time.    A special thanks to Allison for hosting our event and opening her home to us.  Another special thanks to Laurel's Sweet Treats Inc.  for supplying the gingerbread mix.  Their mixes will be available shortly at Market of Choice.  website at or

 Birthday Cake and Birthday Parties   We sampled several cake mixes and frosting mixes.  We also had a surprise cake from Sweet Life Patisserie at 755 Monroe Street in Eugene.  It was very yummy and rich.  The kids decorated their own cup cake.       The reviews came out as:   Pamelas Classic Vanilla Cake - good - sponge cake   Gluten Free Pantry - good - butter cake   Best Chocolate was split with Pamelas (moist and sticky top) and Gluten Free Pantry (great cake texture).   Namaste Spice was voted as best flavor all around.   Gluten Free Pantry was voted for best travel.  Top was not sticky.   Pamelas was voted for best versitile.   Note:  Gluten Free Pantry also has a spice, but we did not have one to sample.   Honestly, we were all caked out in the end. 









Capellas Store on Willamette Street    Having a tour of Capellas is great.  We learned more products that are gluten free.  Rex, the manager was great.  He is doing a great job on making our gluten free life-style an easier life-style.  He wants to bring in products that we are interested in buying.  It is great having a store that hears us and is wanting to work with not only our group, but Eugene GIG and Gluten Free Eugene.    When you have a chance to stop into Capellas, ask for Rex.  He can point out some great gluten free products.   Last time I found Angelina's Bread, gluten free granola, and many ideas for a guick gluten free meal.

Our First Store Tour   Our first Store Tour was at Market of Choice at Delta.  We met the department managers and the store manager.  We learned where to find those gluten free items and learned tips about items that individuals in the group have used.   The store enjoys seeing our group in their stores.  The managers voiced that "It helps them to see our needs."   If you missed this tour and would like to be a part of another Market of Choice Tour, don't worry.  The store has invited us back for another tour.  I will plan another one after the Holidays.

  "Top Your Own Pizza" Party was yummy! Pizza crust supplied by Kinnikinnick   We baked our pizza on the BQ grill for that pizza parlor taste.  It was so easy with the Kinnikinnick crust.  When BQing your own pizza, remember to lay your pizza on ten foil and over a low flame.  You can also bake your crust in the oven.  I usually bake at 350 degrees untel the cheese starts melting.   And afterwards we enjoyed some home made ice cream that Jody made in a snap.  It was sooo good and easy.   The kids played and enjoyed all the samples that were provided by manufactures.   For more information about Kinnikinnick great tasting products, you can visit their website at  or purchase their product locally at Choice Health Foods2791 Oak Alley, Suite 6 – above Long’s Meats , Capella'sat 2489 Willamette, and Market of Choice. (I am lot sure if Market of Choice has the pizza crust.  If we all ask, maybe they will start carring it.)

WE ARE NO LONGER A R.O.C.K. CHAPTER. We are now independent

  Our first party was "Get Acquainted and Play in the Park"   Our first party was on April 28th, 2007 at Emerald Park.  We had a lot of fun in the park with lots of great samples that Jody brought for us.  Bob's Grain Mill sent us samples packets that make 2 1/2 cups of Mighty Tasty GF Hot Cereal.  We made a couple of friends and had a chance to enjoy the sun.  Of course the kids want to do this again.